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We use Labview and Perl for instrument control. For most data reduction we use Matlab and a little bit of Perl. We also use Octave, which is an open source software very similar to Matlab. The plotting routines in Octave are not as well integrated, but it is still an excellent substitute for Matlab (which costs a mint).

This listing is not comprehensive. Over time, we will add more to the list. Our goal is to have all of our '.m' files be compatible with both Matlab and Octave. Here is a sampling of software written for MegaSIMS. Let us know if they are at all useful to you.

We distribute these files (mostly under the GPL version 2) in the hope that they will be of use, but we make no guarantees that they will work right for you. We are first and foremost an ion-microprobe lab, so we may not be able to respond to any requests.

Perl Programs

Matlab/Octave Programs

PHP Website Programs

All these .php files are saved as gziped tar archives. Some configuation is required (html/xhtml, and the location of a folder with include files 'header.php', 'format.php', and 'end_file.php' - see this page's source).

Other useful documents:

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