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This is an archive of recent publications and news releases regarding the MegaSIMS and the Genesis Mission. This includes results found in articles and excerpts from presentations made my the MegaSIMS team, as well as updates to the status of the laboratory, as linked from the main page.

Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2010

[28 March 2010]

Representatives from the MegaSIMS presented oxygen and nitrogen results at the 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) 2010 held on March 1-5 at The Woodlands, Texas.

* * *

Nitrogen analysis begins

[16 January 2010]

With the conclusion of the oxygen analysis, the next aim is to study nitrogen. On late December 2009, nitrogen isotope ratio was measured from five spots on the Genesis concentrator sample.

* * *

Oxygen isotope data collection finished

[18 December 2009]

The analysis of the Genesis sample for oxygen isotopes was completed on December 2009.

* * *

More MegaSIMS Website Updates!

[05 December 2008]

The new design has been updated and automated using PHP! Other changes and additions include the additon of a new PUBLICATIONS section, a COLLABORATION wiki, more posted perlscripts, and others!

* * *

MegaSIMS welcomes Veronika Heber

[02 September 2008]

Joining the MegaSIMS team is Veronika Heber, a post-doctorate most recently from Switzerland, but originally from east Germany.

* * *

New website online

[23 August 2008]

New website is online! Browse the website for more info on the Genesis mission, as well as results obtained from the MegaSIMS.

The MISSION section elaborates on the importance of the Genesis mission and the rationale behind the creation of the MegaSIMS. The LABORATORY section contains information about the MegaSIMS, including the devices that make up the instrument, the operation and techniques used to acquire data, and a photolog of its assembly and operation. Here, you will likewise find an archive of news and releases pertaining to the mission.

The PEOPLE section has been updated with the current and past researchers and technicians that have contributed to the completion and operation of the instrument. The DOWNLOADS section contains files mostly in .pdf format of posters and presentations made by the team. And new to the navigation to the left are QUICKLINKS and AFFILIATES, which provide easy access to the information most relevant to the visitors of the site.

Finally, new images courtesy of JPL/NASA/Caltech are posted all throughout the site, as well as an updated CONTACT page for a list of ways of delivering your inquiries and comments to us.

* * *

Samples from France received

[03 July 2008]

The samples from France has arrived, as sent by Professor Kevin McKeegan to the MegaSIMS Laboratory. Unlike the previous analyzed samples, these are embeded in Silicon Carbide (SiC).

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