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citationdetails.php - Converts BibTeX incollection and Article to search-able HTML or XHTML

Written by Miles Alexander McCammon (, October-November 2008 (this file last modified 12/11/08, 19:53) © 2008 UCLA SIMS Group

What this php script does is take a BibTeX file that consists of incollection, and Article components, searches for the correct citation (in the format cite=idname), and converts that citation to a html (v 4.01 strict), with links to publications.php for searching for other articles by the same authors, year, or keywords. It also links to edit_bibtex.php for editing the citations.

Like publications.php this has the following problems:

This only supports a subset of BibTeX files:

  1. Each line *must* start with the field name, and field names *must* be all on the same line. Field values *must* be enclosed in braces '{}'
  2. Author names must be first name last name (not Last name, first). Many aspects of formatting are preserved.
  3. Keywords *must* be separated by '; ' (semi-colon space).

This is slightly more flexible than BibTeX:

  1. Capital letters in Titles do not need to be put in brackets -- however, if you want the citations to be imported correctly by other programs you ought to do this.

Editing help

See bibtex_help.php for more help about setting up/editing the database. Also see edit_bibtex.php for a more automatic way of editing.


Unless otherwise specified this is released under the GPL v 2. See for details. Source code can be requested from the contacts on the ContactUS page.

McKeegan:2008 does not exist in publications.bib

Please enter in a different value for cite.

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